What is in our box?


We have partnered up with some amazing independent publishers who, like us, want to support independent artists. We have novels and novellas, graphic novels, poetry and many genres of literary works waiting to wing it's way to your house and hearts. 


We are also working with some independent music labels and with musicians directly who will help us introduce you to your new favourite music. We will cover all genres and styles, so get ready with your open mind to discover some fantastic earworms.


Art covers so many types of creations. We will include at least two items of handmade art. It might be original prints, crafts, glass work, pottery, you name it we want to put it in our box for you. 

  • "Definitely recommended - especially for anyone looking for something a little bit different to support artists and have awesome stuff delivered to your door". Composer and Musician Lucy Pankhurst

  • "If you are looking for an ethical way to treat yourself (or someone else) and you are interested in the arts then the introducing box is perfect" Lisa Cole from Less Stuff

Our Products

Monthly Subscription Box

Shipped: Monthly
Price: £23.00 Monthly

Choose this option to have a monthly box of amazing artists shipped directly to your door. It's like Christmas every month.  UK shipping is £3.85. Worldwide shipping varies.  Choose your shipping by clicking subscribe.

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3 Months at Once

Shipped: Monthly
Price: £62.00 Every 3 Months

Choose this option if you would like a discount of 10 percent. This will make each box £20.66. Get happy post every month, meet some incredible artists and support their work.  Shipping to the UK for the three months will be £15.90 and worldwide shipping varies. Please select your shipping option...

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